Low photo shoot and digital file prices

Your swim school may offer photo shoots, but their photo prices are likely to much higher than ours.

Most other photographers charge very high prices for the digital files as they know you won't be buying expensive prints from them if you have the files. If you want photo products, like mugs or canvas prints, you will pay a premium price from the photographer. At Starfish Underwater Photography, we offer your digital files at affordable prices. This means you can print off as many copies of the photo as you like, and get any photo products produced, by who ever you like, at a fraction of the cost. 

  Of course if you want great quality prints and canvases, then we can produce these for you. 

You can even use your photos online on Facebook or your Blog. We only ask that you credit the picture to www.starfishunderwaterphotography.com 

We want you to enjoy your photos and make the most of them, so you can use them however you like. Provided they are for personal use, and not for publication, or for advertising, or for profit. 

We use the latest and best equipment

We use a professional Canon SLR Camera in custom made underwater housing, and full underwater studio set-up.

Elsie Rose5.jpg

This camera has two memory card slots, so your pictures are recorded and saved twice. So if one memory card fails, your pictures will still be safe on the other card. Phew!

The camera is protected for use underwater in custom made Ikelite underwater housing.  The housing is water-tight to 60m, so the swimming pool doesn't really challenge it!

  As we all know in life, things can go wrong, so we carry two of everything. We even have a spare camera and underwater housing on poolside, ready to use, just in case.

Your photos are taken in RAW  which give the highest quality digital files, and more control over the final image. Your photos are then processed  and saved as high quality JPEG's (saved at maximum quality for minimum compression).

Why Wait?

Some providers take weeks to even show you your pictures, and then more weeks to deliver your images or prints.

  We have your password protected viewing gallery online, within a week of your photo shoot. That means the longest you have to wait to see your pictures is just one week. Digital orders are sent out within one week and print orders in two weeks.

We Have Costumes!

Costumes Underwater

As well as taking pictures of your little one in their normal swimming costume, we offer you the chance to have an adorable costume shot too. Our costumes include Superman, fairy, frog, Santa, Mother Christmas, Buzz Lightyear, little devil, princess, angel, sailor, pirate, etc. 

 The costume box will be on poolside and the costumes are free to use during your photo shoot.

We do above the water photography too!

Above the water photography is included in our photo shoot sessions.

Above the water photography is included in our photo shoot sessions.

As most pools in the UK ban all photography on poolside for child protection reasons, you may not have many photos of your child swimming. We get special permission for photography from the swimming pools that we use, so are able to take beautiful above the water photos, as well as underwater.

Small Group Sizes and lots of chances

We limit the group sizes to just 5 children per half an hour. 

This means you get lots of opportunities for great photographs, both above and below the water.

If you want extra time please contact us about private photo shoots.