Suede's new album announced

Suede announced their new album this week, due for release in November. The cover features an underwater photo of a girl floating on the surface of the water in a flowing dress. The photography was provided by Starfish Underwater Photography! We did the shoot back in June so have been waiting for the release. We turned a North London pool in the day time, into an haunting night time scene. Twins Bryony and Darcie Richardson took it in turns to model on the surface of the water and after a 3 hour shoot we got the shots needed for the album cover. To get the depth needed for the shot, I had to sit at the bottom of the 2.5m pool. The dress was from when I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding. Thankfully my friend wasn't upset I had drowned it, and was quite pleased it has been immortalised! 

Suede Album Starfish