Swimming Cat

Roy the swimming cat by Lucy Ray/Starfish Underwater Photography

I was on an underwater dog shoot at the dog studio (www.thedogstudio.co.uk) with Adam Bedford who runs the place. Adam does great work with the dogs who visit him and has rehabilitated many poor pooches in need of hydrotherapy. While we were photographing the dogs, he casually mentioned that he also has the occasional cat in for hydrotherapy. A swimming cat! What a find! He asked Polly, the swimming cat's mother, to fetch him and see if he was in the mood for a dip. Sadly Polly returned empty handed as Roy was out and about when she went home. Polly went home a second time to locate Roy and this time he was ready for a swim. He even has a specially designed life jacket to keep him afloat in the water. I know what you're thinking, cats hate water. Not Roy! He seemed perfectly at home to begin with. After 6 laps though he let us know he had had enough and his ears went back and he looked a little angry. Time for a rest on the towel.